Celebrating a fantastic 2021-2022 Competitive Season!

This year FCVC celebrated the return to competitive volleyball, albeit with some adjustments like league play and easing of COVID health and safety protocols. We were excited to have over 220 athletes playing the game of volleyball at the competitive and development level.

On June 8th we gathered for our annual club banquet to recognize the success of our 22 FCVC Boys and Girls teams, a number of which competed in the top of their divisions both provincially and nationally. Congratulations all on your hard work and commitment. Thank you to all our coaches, board members and parents who volunteered their time and contributed to our teams' and club's success.

Have a great summer, take some time to rest, and we will see you on the courts in September.

OVA Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence medal is awarded annually to one member of every team participating in the OVA Provincial Championships. Coaches may choose to recognize an athlete that displays one or more of the following characteristics in their performance in the tournament - often named the OVA Champs MVP:

  • Dedication to the sport of volleyball
  • Perseverance and commitment
  • Sportsmanship and fair play, team spirit and/or leadership
  • Performance and/or most improved

  • 12U Girls Pines: Kaia Bergeron
  • 12U Girls Maples: Brynn Leasa
  • 13U Boys Cycad & Sumac: Eoin DesRosiers
  • 13U Girls Evergreen: MacKenzie Williams and Nicole Tyndall
  • 13U Girls Lorax: Sophia Collazos
  • 14U Girls Mahogany: Ania Magier
  • 14U Girls Banyan: Jayla Dieleman
  • 15U Boys Centurion: Keaton Mizak
  • 15U Girls Aspen: Julia Santos
  • 15U Girls Kauri: Isabella Martinez
  • 16U Boys Icarus: Elijah Pereira
  • 16U Boys Teak: Owen King
  • 16U Girls Sequoia: Jasmine Pihokker
  • 17U Boys Hyperion: Nigel Mason
  • 17U Girls Cypress: Natalie McIntosh
  • 17U Girls Helios: Kira Fairbach
  • 18U Boys Baobab: Wasil Magdi
  • 18U Girls Methuselah: Kate DeJong

FCVC Award of Excellence

The player selected has pursued excellence and has developed into the team's most outstanding player for the season.


  • 12U Girls Pines: Antonella Tovas
  • 12U Girls Maples: Anjana Goella
  • 13U Boys Cycad & Sumac: Pax Giardino
  • 13U Girls Evergreen: Bianca Chuy
  • 13U Girls Lorax: Alanya Malaban
  • 14U Boys Rangers: Griffin Craig
  • 14U Girls Mahogany: Mia Welker
  • 14U Girls Banyan: Keaton Schofield
  • 15U Boys Centurion: Christian McCallum
  • 15U Girls Aspen: Ana Stojanovic
  • 15U Girls Kauri: Robin Allan
  • 16U Boys Icarus: Noah Morelli
  • 16U Boys Teak: Carter Patterson
  • 16U Girls Sequoia: Siba Magdi
  • 17U Boys Hyperion: Arthur Richards
  • 17U Girls Cypress: Nicole Gallo
  • 17U Girls Helios: Ella Froats
  • 18U Boys Baobab: Andrew Kerkhoff
  • 18U Girls Methuselah: Claudia Morelli

FCVC Award of Achievement

The player selected has demonstrated strong effort and has show the most significant improvement this season.


  • 12U Girls Pines: Avery Sage
  • 12U Girls Maples: Karli Maars
  • 13U Boys Cycad & Sumac: Holden Broadbent
  • 13U Girls Evergreen: Avery Thibeau
  • 13U Girls Lorax: Lily Rutherford
  • 14U Boys Rangers: Nathan Vandeloo
  • 14U Girls Mahogany: Sienna Phillips
  • 14U Girls Banyan: Whitney Coome
  • 15U Boys Centurion: Zach Brouwer
  • 15U Girls Aspen: Emelyn Collins
  • 15U Girls Kauri: Megan Broughton
  • 16U Boys Icarus: Hunter Craig
  • 16U Boys Teak: Owen Atcheson
  • 16U Girls Sequoia: Jenna Clunas
  • 17U Boys Hyperion: Jared Kuiken
  • 17U Girls Cypress: Sara Sobko
  • 17U Girls Helios: Ciara McCluskey
  • 18U Boys Baobab: Brayden Oldham
  • 18U Girls Methuselah: Ingrid Yun

Nothers Team Award

The player selected has made significant contributions to their team through personal commitment, dedication, and spirit.  Best Team Spirit award.


  • 12U Girls Pines: Miranda Zhao
  • 12U Girls Maples: Chloe Hou
  • 13U Boys Cycad & Sumac: Hudson Nichols
  • 13U Girls Evergreen: Taylor Williams
  • 13U Girls Lorax: Pearl Huffman
  • 14U Boys Rangers: Sam McLelland
  • 14U Girls Mahogany: Quinn Savarie
  • 14U Girls Banyan: Emma McLachlin
  • 15U Boys Centurion: Mason Lange
  • 15U Girls Aspen: Natalie Froats
  • 15U Girls Kauri: AnaSophia Marin
  • 16U Boys Icarus: Andrew Smith
  • 16U Boys Teak: Elliot McInnis
  • 16U Girls Sequoia: Stella Mitoraj
  • 17U Boys Hyperion: Jason Toft
  • 17U Girls Cypress: Laura Marin
  • 17U Girls Helios: Ava Dodge
  • 18U Boys Baobab: Sujai Shah
  • 18U Girls Methuselah: Payton Entwhistle