It’s a wrap on our 2022/23 Competitive Season

With the 2022-2023 volleyball season in the books, FCVC hosted it's largest volleyball banquet as athletes, volunteers, parents, friends and supporters gathered on May 30th to celebrate individual and team successes. Congratulations to all the teams for their dedication and hard work and for representing FCVC and London,ON in such an outstanding way.

Bravo to all the individual award winners listed below.


OVA Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence medal is awarded annually to one member of every team participating in the OVA Provincial Championships. Coaches may choose to recognize an athlete that displays one or more of the following characteristics in their performance in the tournament - often named the OVA Champs MVP.

  • Girls 12U - Pines: Fabienne Rycombel
  • Girls 12U - Hawthorne: Abby Coles
  • Girls 12U - Willow: Emma Tripp
  • Girls 12U - Maples: Chloe Hou
  • Girls 13U - Evergreen: Scarlett Rossi
  • Girls 13U - Lorax: Lyla Brogno
  • Girls 14U - Mahogany: Mackenzie Patterson
  • Girls 14U - Banyan: Lily Rutherford
  • Girls 15U - Aspen: Avery Walz
  • Girls 15U - Kauri: Claire Timbeck
  • Girls 16U - Sequoia: Ana Stojanovic
  • Girls 16U - Merbau: Evie Morrison
  • Girls 17U - Helios: Emily Peltier
  • Girls 18U - Methuselah: Ella Froats
  • Girls 18U - Magnolia: Emma Wolfe
  • Boys 13U - Cycad: Ben Thorpe
  • Boys 13U - Sumac: Mark Miller
  • Boys 14U - Rangers: Eoin Desrosiers
  • Boys 15U - Centurion: Sam McClelland
  • Boys 16U - Icarus: Antonio Coca
  • Boys 17U - Hyperion: Savi Basra
  • Boys 18U - Baobab: Arthur Richard

Good Sport Team Award

The athlete selected has made a significant contribution to their team through personal commitment, dedication, and spirit.

  • Girls 12U - Pines: Victoria Bolivar
  • Girls 12U - Hawthorne: Shreena Kothari
  • Girls 12U - Willow: Molly Butler
  • Girls 12U - Maples: Rachel Hou
  • Girls 13U - Evergreen: Anjna Goela
  • Girls 13U - Lorax: Charlotte Cox
  • Girls 14U - Mahogany: Lara Manocchi
  • Girls 14U - Banyan: Jaclyn Emery
  • Girls 15U - Aspen: Maija Burcul
  • Girls 15U - Kauri: Sophia Collazos-Jimenez
  • Girls 16U - Sequoia: Evyenia Botetzayas
  • Girls 16U - Merbau: Megan Broughton
  • Girls 17U - Helios: Grace Stuart
  • Girls 18U - Methuselah: Kira Fahrbach
  • Girls 18U - Magnolia: Pinshu Saini
  • Boys 13U - Cycad: Cullen L'Heureux
  • Boys 13U - Sumac: Miklos Vargyas
  • Boys 14U - Rangers: Taitem McIntosh
  • Boys 15U - Centurion: Griffin Craig
  • Boys 16U - Icarus: Keaton Mizak
  • Boys 17U - Hyperion: Noah Morelli
  • Boys 18U - Baobab: Mateo Moreno

FCVC Award of Achievment

The athlete selected has demonstrated strong effort and has shown the most significant improvement.

  • Girls 12U - Maples: Ava Fenn
  • Girls 13U - Evergreen: Lauren Valeriote
  • Girls 13U - Lorax: Brynley Brown
  • Girls 14U - Mahogany: Luciana Gonzalez
  • Girls 14U - Banyan: Alexis Brown
  • Girls 15U - Aspen: Paige Heywood
  • Girls 15U - Kauri: Hannah Coles
  • Girls 16U - Sequoia: Caralee Schipper
  • Girls 16U - Merbau: Karis Holbrough
  • Girls 17U - Helios: Beatriz Salvalaggio
  • Girls 18U - Methuselah: Emmi Nicholas
  • Girls 18U - Magnolia: Julia Guerten
  • Boys 13U - Cycad: Ethan Urbani
  • Boys 13U - Sumac: Hendrik Brinkman
  • Boys 14U - Rangers: Holden Broadbent
  • Boys 15U - Centurion: Sam Espiritu
  • Boys 16U - Icarus: Will Davies
  • Boys 17U - Hyperion: Grant Bishop
  • Boys 18U - Baobab: Troy Leishman

FCVC Award of Excellence

The athlete selected has pursued excellence and has developed into the team's most outstanding player.

  • Girls 12U - Maples: Miranda Zhao
  • Girls 13U - Evergreen: Karli Maars
  • Girls 13U - Lorax: Madelyn Kelly
  • Girls 14U - Mahogany: Bianka Chuy
  • Girls 14U - Banyan: Nicoletta Kotsovos
  • Girls 15U - Aspen: Ania Magier
  • Girls 15U - Kauri: Keaton Schofield
  • Girls 16U - Sequoia: Natalie Froats
  • Girls 16U - Merbau: Lauren Rendall
  • Girls 17U - Helios: Seji Basra
  • Girls 18U - Methuselah: Ella Booth
  • Girls 18U - Magnolia: Nicole Gallo
  • Boys 13U - Cycad: Ben Sponsellar
  • Boys 13U - Sumac: Austin Bickell
  • Boys 14U - Rangers: Logan Ndakoze
  • Boys 15U - Centurion: Wyatt Thomas
  • Boys 16U - Icarus: Christian McCallum
  • Boys 17U - Hyperion: Marcellus Robinson
  • Boys 18U - Baobab: Jared Kuiken

Jane and Vaughan Peckham Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an FCVC graduate in recognition of outstanding achievement in their first year of post-secondary competition.

This year's winners were Andrew Kerkhoff and Payton Entwistle. Andrew is a member of the Western University Mustangs Men's Volleyball team. He played 16 sets in his first season as the second libero. Upon graduation, Payton joined the McMaster University Marauders Women's Volleyball team.  A first year setter, Payton played 37 sets over 14 matches. She recorded 125 assists. averaging 3.38 assists per set.


Fanshawe Athletics Acorn Award

In recognition of our long partnership with Fanshawe College's Athletics program and the development of volleyball programs for youth, we were pleased to present the first Acorn Awards at the banquet this year.  This award recognizes a male and female athlete from our FCVC Youth Development Acorn program who the coaches believe show strong potential in the sport of volleyball.

Congratulations to Felix Zheng and Makhia Manning! We hope to see you at tryouts for our competitive teams in the fall.