Acorn: A Step In Your Volleyball Development

If you're brand new to volleyball, or you just want to take your skills to the next level, we invite you to join us for Acorn Volleyball.  A weekly program for 9-14 year old boys and girls, Acorn run its participants though demanding - but fun! - 90-minute sessions of skills and game play.

Acorn is designed for athletes preparing for elementary-school volleyball or those looking towards future participation on FCVC competitive teams. Our club takes great pride in seeing Acorn grads being selected to club and school teams.

Acorn Select Team - on hold for 2021/2022 Season

Forest City Volleyball Club introduced the Acorn Select Team a few years ago with the objective of giving a group of 10-12 athletes exposure to tournament play. The program has become extremely popular, so we want to be clear about how the program works. 

This program is exclusive to registered and paid participants of Acorn. Participants from either Sunday or Monday Acorn may be evaluated and invited to be part of the Select Team. We do not evaluate kids by their age but by ability and coach-ability. We could have a diverse age group as part of one team. 

Select Team members will participate in Sunday Acorn and will be provided with an additional 25 minutes (11:30-11:55) of team training. The coach will look for opportunity to enter the team in a couple of exhibition tournaments. The Select Team coach will also try and get extra practice time on an available weeknight. 

Cost of participation for Select Team athletes will include tournament fees and coaches out of pocket expenses (i.e. travel). It is usually less then $100. 

Come on out and join us... "from tiny acorns do mighty trees grow!"

Looking for a program for 4-8 year old boys and girls? Check out Mini-Acorn.

2021/22 Season Winter Program

We are currently waiting to confirm availability of public facilities (i.e. The Playground and Fanshawe College gyms) to host our Winter 9 week Acorn program starting in January 2022.

Click here to pre-register and hold a spot for your young athlete. Subscribers will receive email notification of 2021/22 Winter session dates before they are posted to our website and social media.

Our Youth Development Director continues to review the OVA Return to Play policies and protocols and adjust our curriculum. Our members' safety is our primary concern.

Dates & Registration

There are no current or upcoming sessions for: Acorn Sunday

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There are no current or upcoming sessions for: Spring Acorn

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