FCVC Competitive Teams

The competitive indoor season traditionally runs from tryouts in September through to the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) Provincial Championships in April, with regular OVA tournament play starting in November. Teams may choose to extend their season into May to attend the Volleyball Canada National Championships or other US Competitions.

Visit the OVA website here for information about the upcoming season.

Teams typically compete in 1-2 tournaments per month, from November through March, culminating in the OVA Provincial Championships in April or, potentially, the National Championships in May. Majority of OVA tournaments will be completed in one or two days on either a Saturday and/or a Sunday. OVA Provincial Championships run over three days of competition for each age level, in April. The Head Coach for each team typically will provide parents with an outline of the planned competitive schedule and preliminary team budget at tryouts.

Ontario Provincial Championships 2023 will be hosted at the Enercare Centre - Exhibition Place in Toronto.

Teams train 2-3 times a week, with sessions running from 90-120 minutes in length. FCVC also provides occasional extra training opportunities such as clinics where guest coaches will offer training on a particular technical skills or player positions.

Teams at FCVC have excellent practice facilities at various Secondary and Elementary schools in London, The ActivityPlex, and Fanshawe College each stocked with all the necessary equipment to ensure an outstanding training environment. Regular team practices are held during the evenings in-week (Monday-Thursday) and Sundays.

Just a little bit of math is needed.

We’re going into the 2022/23 season.  Just take the second of those numbers (2023) and subtract from it your year of birth.  So, if you were born in 2005, you would be 2022 – 2005 = 18U.


For teams and athletes to compete at their highest level, off-court physical training is highly recommended. Competitive teams at the 16U, 17U and 18U level will be expected to participate in team training, and a list of Board approved training facilities/ trainers will be provided to your Head Coach. For all other teams, decisions about participating in physical training will be made on an individual team basis, in consultation with the coaches and parent group.

Most teams will conduct extra classroom sessions for video review, statistical review, or post-competition team meetings, again depending on the age group and competitive level. Classroom sessions are typically scheduled for immediately before or after regular practice sessions.

The registration fees for the upcoming season will be:

Age level Registration Fee for 2022-23 season
12U $ 900
13U $1,300
14U $1,300
15U $1,500
16U $1,550
17U $1,550
18U $1,650


Please note: There are resources available to help offset the cost of youth sports:


There are also opportunities to reduce financial burden, via FCVC:

  • Athletes are paid to coach in our Acorn and Mini-Acorn programs. Please contact our Youth Development Coordinator at youth_development@forestcityvolleyball.com with the subject line "Acorn Coaching Application" for more information, and to apply.
  • Direct financial assistance to offset registration fees. Please contact our Treasurer at treasurer@forestcityvolleyball.com with the subject line "FCVC Financial Aid" for more information and to apply.


FCVC registration fees DO cover the following:

  • OVA registration fees (MRS) for the club and coaches
  • All team costs, including coaches tournament expenses*, associated with attending OVA tournaments and Provincials for age-group events
  • All training costs (court rentals, equipment purchase and repair)
  • All FCVC team clothing costs for athletes (jerseys, shorts, practice t-shirts, hoodies) and coaches
  • All FCVC Banquet costs for athletes and coaches
  • Year-end coach honorarium
  • All administrative expenses including, but not limited to, coaching development, registration, website, advertising, meetings, supplies, insurance, and banking fees


FCVC registration fees DO NOT cover the following:

  • OVA registration fees (MRS) for athletes (required, ~ $100)
  • All team costs, including coaches tournament expenses*, associated with attending National Championships (optional)
  • All team costs, including coaches tournament expenses*, associated with attending OVA tournaments and Provincials for older-age events ("playing up") (optional)
  • All team costs, including coaches tournament expenses*, associated with attending any other exhibition events (optional)
  • Off-court physical training programs (optional)
  • FCVC Banquet tickets for parents and other guests (optional)
  • All athlete costs for attending events, including transportation, accommodation, and food


* Coach tournament expenses include:

  • Mileage for travelling to tournaments outside London
  • Hotel costs when travelling to tournaments more than 2 hours drive from London
  • Per diem to cover food costs incurred at tournaments


Please note: Refunding of registration fees will be at the discretion of FCVC, and handled on a case-by-case basis, should an athlete choose not to complete the season.

We believe that athletes should explore all options available to them, and should feel confident and comfortable in their decision to play for FCVC:

  • For over 30 years, FCVC has successfully developed volleyball athletes and teams, winning multiple national and provincial championships, and graduating more than 250 athletes to play at the post-secondary level and beyond.
  • FCVC has a large group of talented, experienced and dedicated volunteer coaches. Combined our coaching staff have well over 250 years of experience, and have coached at the national, provincial, regional, university, college, club, high school and elementary school levels.
  • Athletes at FCVC have access to top-flight training facilities, equipment and technology to help them develop their volleyball skills.

All of the coaches, administration, and anyone that plays a part in FCVC are trained and more than willing to help you become a better player. I am so proud to be an FCVC alumni and am grateful to have had all the amazing coaches and teammates along the way.

~ Former member of Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team, T.J. Sanders, reflected on his time with FCVC:

Competitive Team tryouts take place in September. FCVC offers teams from 12U - 18U Girls and 13U - 18U Boys.

Click here to view the tryout schedule and to register for tryouts.

If you have missed the tryouts and would like to inquire about the possibility of a late tryout, please contact vp_volleyball@forestcityvolleyball.com.  We sometimes leave spots open - especially at the youngest ages - for athletes who miss the tryout period.

If you have any questions about tryouts, please contact us at tryouts@forestcityvolleyball.com.  We look forward to seeing you there!

If for any valid reason, an athlete misses any tryout session, please notify the Registrar or our VP Volleyball. If the athlete misses a second or subsequent tryout session, please contact the Head Coach of that specific team to determine if there could be another time available for assessment; the Head Coach has final say in these matters, they are not obligated in any way to provide additional assessment time.

If there is a conflict between another Club’s tryout and ours, we recommend that you inform us in advance and we will help you work out any such conflicts to create a solution that maximizes the options for the athlete.

About FCVC


FCVC has been a registered not-for-profit business since its inception.  Our Executive, Board of Directors and all our coaches are volunteers who donate their time because of their love of the game.  Coaches have their travel expenses reimbursed and receive a yearly honorarium.

The people behind the Forest City Volleyball Club are here to provide excellent volleyball development and training to our London and area athletes!

Coaching requirements at the club level are an ever-changing and dynamic. Any interested individuals can contact us at vp_volleyball@forestcityvolleyball.com to learn more.  It's both a commitment and a rewarding and fun experience.

We'd love to hear from you!!

Absolutely!  Our Mini-Acorn and Acorn programs are for athletes who are younger or just starting out in the sport.  For athletes who are ready to play at a higher level, they can try out for one of our competitive teams.