The 2016-2017 FCVC season wraps up at the banquet

Provincials and Nationals are finished, the equipment has been returned, everyone's thoughts turn to summer, and the 2016-2017 season wraps up with the annual FCVC Awards Banquet.

Congratulations to all the teams, athletes, and coaches on another exciting season of club volleyball!   Below are the individual award winners:

(Parents, if you would like a copy of an individual award winner photo, please contact the webmaster).

Jane & Vaughan Peckham Scholarship

(left-to-right) Mark Peckham (coach), Vaughan Peckham, Jane Peckham, Matt Baxter (athlete)

Congratulations to Matt Baxter (2016) who received the scholarship prize for his fantastic performance this season as a rookie with the Guelph Gryphons.

Best of luck in all your future volleyball and scholastic endeavours!!

FCVC Individual Award Winners (2016-2017)

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FCVC Award of Excellence Winners
OVA Award of Excellence Winners
FCVC Award of Achievement Winners
FCVC Nother's Team Award Winners

FCVC Award of Excellence (Most Valuable Player)

  • Boys 13U - Blue: Noah Morelli
  • Boys 13U - Green: Andrew Kerkhoff
  • Boys 14U - Green: Brendan Mills
  • Boys 15U - Green: Markus Hong
  • Boys 16U - Green: Cole Gordon
  • Boys 17U - Green: Kaelan Kloestra
  • Girls 13U - St. Thomas Express: Kate DeJong
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Ana Karla Quincosa
  • Girls 13U - Green: Macy Riddell
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Haley Gordon
  • Girls 14U - Green: Jasmine Cooper
  • Girls 15U - White: Erin Alpaugh
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Kate von Dehn
  • Girls 15U - Green: Rachel Gray
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Lilie Demelo
  • Girls 16U - Green: Brooke Richards
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Camilyn Cheng
  • Girls 17U - Green: Katelyn Grasman
  • Girls 18U - Green: Emily Sparks

OVA Award of Excellence (criteria determined by team)

  • Boys 13U - Blue: Blake Scatcherd
  • Boys 13U - Green: Lucas Ancans
  • Boys 14U - Green: Brodan Murphy
  • Boys 15U - Green: Draydon Cheng & Marcus Hong
  • Girls 13U - St. Thomas Express: Tazia Lessard
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Ella Booth
  • Girls 13U - Green: Jaden Tait & Nina Sredojevic
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Yihau Mimi Liu
  • Girls 14U - Green: Layal Birani
  • Girls 15U - White: Mollie Heeney
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Christina McClelland
  • Girls 15U - Green: Megan Rendell
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Natalia Guzman
  • Girls 16U - Green: Thea Brouwer

FCVC Award of Achievement (Most Improved Player)

  • Boys 13U - Blue: Owen Gray
  • Boys 13U - Green: Connor MacDonald
  • Boys 14U - Green: Abdel Elaasar
  • Boys 15U - Green: Ethan Hill
  • Boys 16U - Green: Dan Wysokinski
  • Boys 17U - Green: Joseph Muma
  • Girls 13U - St. Thomas Express: Jade Fewer
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Kaja Kurobasa
  • Girls 13U - Green: Olivia Moffatt
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Makenzie Mizak
  • Girls 14U - Green: Sarah Pratt
  • Girls 15U - White: Julia Devereux
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Juliana Dieleman
  • Girls 15U - Green: Piper VanderVelden
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Melissa Glavas
  • Girls 16U - Green: Valerie Bousygine
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Maxine Speers
  • Girls 17U - Green: Megan Nevett
  • Girls 18U - Green: Emily Wilker

FCVC Nother’s Team Award (Team Spirit)

  • Boys 13U - Blue: Akshaye Goela
  • Boys 13U - Green: Matt Carr
  • Boys 14U - Green: Brett Sweeney
  • Boys 15U - Green: Ethan McLean
  • Boys 16U - Green: Edward Garcia
  • Boys 17U - Green: Riley Fitch
  • Girls 13U - St. Thomas Express: Kya Linner
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Julia Mann
  • Girls 13U - Green: Emerson McAuley
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Sarah Brule
  • Girls 14U - Green: Sydney Scatcherd
  • Girls 15U - White: Kate Brule
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Abbey Sadler
  • Girls 15U - Green: Megan Rendell
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Lily Blyth
  • Girls 16U - Green: Alyssa Tisdale
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Manal Birani
  • Girls 17U - Green: Nicole Nguyen
  • Girls 18U - Green: Corina Simpson

Other Highlights

Boys 15U - Green: National Bronze Medal winners

The Boys 15U - Green team were welcomed up to the stage to present their 15U National Bronze Medal to the club and to receive well-deserved applause for their exceptional season.  These boys were near the top of the provincial standings all year and saved their best performance for their last one, capturing the national Bronze in a thrilling three-set victory.  Way to go, boys!


Athletes:  Blake Brand, Draydon Cheng, Mitchell Clark, Samuel Drekic, Ethan Hendrikson, Ethan Hill, Markus Hong, Ryan Kadlecik, Ethan McLean, Nathan Morelli, Robbie Morrison, Jack Richards, Spencer Young.  Coaches: John Hong, Bryan Kussner, Gavin Young


FCVC Founders - (left-to-right) Barry Brownlee, Vaughan Peckham, Jane Peckham, Dave Preston, Rob Atkinson

The 2016-2017 season was the 25th in the history of the Forest City Volleyball Club, in its current incarnation.  We welcomed back several valued members who have played a big part in the success of the club, but who have since moved on to other endeavours.  No sports club can thrive without enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, and FCVC has been blessed over its 25 years with many of the best!  Welcome home!




Have a great summer… see you in the fall!