Thank you for your support!

We had a great run with the Supreme Sunday Series program but it is time to look at a new format and a new program. Thank you to all the volleyball clubs, coaches, and teams who supported us over the years. 

Supreme Sunday Series was established by Forest City Volleyball Club (FCVC) in conjunction with Supreme Courts Volleyball to compliment a team’s training program and prepare for the OVA tournament season. Designed to provide teams the opportunity to compete against others of a similar level. In this scrimmage-based event, coaches and players had the opportunity to:

  • Apply new skills they have been working on during their training without the pressure of tournament play or rankings
  • Try new line-ups or have players try new positions before an OVA weekend tournament
  • Provide court time for developing players that they may not otherwise have in regular tournament play
  • Work on situational strategies and substitutions
  • Build camaraderie with other club teams and coaches

Each weekend series featured different age groups and gender.

If you are interested in scheduling an inter-club scrimmage or mini tournament with FCVC, please contact Bob Mann, Youth Development Director at