Celebrating success at the FCVC Awards Banquet

With the 2017-2018 volleyball season in the books, more than 500 members of the FCVC volleyball family gathered on May 29th to celebrate individual and team successes.  It was a great evening as the athletes, coaches, parents, volunteers, and invited guests came together to cap off another successful year.

Congratulations to all the teams for their dedication and hard work and for representing FCVC in such an outstanding way, and to all the individual award winners, listed below.

Let's do it all again in 2018-2019!!

OVA Award of Excellence and Grand Prix All-Stars

The athlete selected shows dedication to the sport of volleyball, perseverance and commitment, sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership and performance.  The OVA Award of Excellence is given to one member of each team from 12U through 16U.

  • Girls 12U - Green: Claire McLean
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Kaja Kurobasa
  • Girls 13U - Green: Ella Nicholas
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Emma Vockentanz
  • Girls 14U - Green: Macy Riddell
  • Girls 15U - White: Calista Chimbos
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Adriana Turkovic-Canoglu
  • Girls 15U - Green: Sydney Scatcherd
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Christina McClelland
  • Girls 16U - Green: Piper VanderVelden
  • Boys 13U - Green: Noah Morelli
  • Boys 14U - Blue: Mike McCallum
  • Boys 14U - Green: Kyle Van Nest
  • Boys 15U - Blue: Nick Keller
  • Boys 15U - Green: Jake Thomson
  • Boys 16U - Blue: George Richard
  • Boys 16U - Green: Jack Richards

Individual athletes are also recognized by the OVA for outstanding achievement via selection to the OVA Grand Prix All-Star team (16U, 17U, and 18U only). Congratulations to the FCVC athletes below who were recognized as among the best in the province at their age group:  Rachel Gray (Girls 16U), Ethan Hendriksen (Boys 16U) and Evan Falardeau (Boys 18U).

Rachel Gray

Ethan Hendriksen

Evan Falardeau

FCVC Nothers Team Award

The athlete selected has made a significant contribution to their team through personal commitment, dedication, and spirit.

  • Girls 12U - Green: Natalie Froats
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Charley Lynds
  • Girls 13U - Green: Lorelai Phinnemore
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Jessica Wozniewski
  • Girls 14U - Green: Emerson McAuley
  • Girls 15U - White: Sydney Bilyea
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Emily Wessman
  • Girls 15U - Green: Sarah Pratt
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Mariana Morena-Ibarra
  • Girls 16U - Green: Megan Rendall
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Maria Lierman
  • Girls 17U - Green: Karly Von Dehn
  • Girls 18U - Green: Camilyn Cheng
  • Boys 13U - Green: Keaton Mizak
  • Boys 14U - Blue: Hayden Janzen
  • Boys 14U - Green: Jalen Ngan
  • Boys 15U - Blue: Nik Derikx
  • Boys 15U - Green: Brodan Murphy
  • Boys 16U - Blue: Isaiah Clelland
  • Boys 16U - Green: Ethan Hill
  • Boys 17U - Green: Nader Elshawish
  • Boys 18U - Green: Riley Fitch

FCVC Award of Achievment

The athlete selected has demonstrated strong effort and has shown the most significant improvement.

  • Girls 12U - Green: Isabelle Shi
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Natalie McIntosh
  • Girls 13U - Green: Ella Froats
  • Girls 14U -  Blue: Danielle Durand
  • Girls 14U - Green: Grace McLean
  • Girls 15U - White: Allison Terrio
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Leaha Johnston
  • Girls 15U - Green: Claudia Morelli
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Abby Horvath
  • Girls 16U - Green: Juliana Dieleman
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Melissa Glavas
  • Girls 17U - Green: Valerie Bousygine
  • Girls 18U - Green: Manal Birani
  • Boys 13U - Green: Cameron Usher
  • Boys 14U - Blue: Ben Manders
  • Boys 14U - Green: MacLean King
  • Boys 15U - Blue: Foster Lund
  • Boys 15U - Green: Cole Richards
  • Boys 16U - Blue: Malcolm Muir
  • Boys 16U - Green: Spencer Young
  • Boys 17U - Green: Jonah Levite
  • Boys 18U - Green: Owen Kelly

FCVC Award of Excellence

The athlete selected has pursued excellence and has developed into the team's most outstanding player.

  • Girls 12U - Green: Tessa Slee
  • Girls 13U - Blue: Ella Booth
  • Girls 13U - Green: Emmi Nicholas
  • Girls 14U - Blue: Olivia Moffatt
  • Girls 14U - Green: Nina Sredojevic
  • Girls 15U - White: Julia Blain
  • Girls 15U - Blue: Sarah Brulé
  • Girls 15U - Green: Jasmine Cooper
  • Girls 16U - Blue: Vanesa Molina
  • Girls 16U - Green: Rachel Gray
  • Girls 17U - Blue: Alina Tranberg
  • Girls 17U - Green: Jensen Tait
  • Girls 18U - Green: Danielle Morelli
  • Boys 13U - Green: Arthur Richard
  • Boys 14U - Blue: Connor MacDonald
  • Boys 14U - Green: Andrew Kerkhoff
  • Boys 15U - Blue: Colin Toft
  • Boys 15U - Green: Brendan Mills
  • Boys 16U - Blue: George Richard
  • Boys 16U - Green: Blake Brand
  • Boys 17U - Green: Aiden Duffy
  • Boys 18U - Green: Evan Falardeau

Jane and Vaughan Peckham Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to an FCVC graduate in recognition of outstanding achievement in their first year of post-secondary competition.

This year's winner is Ashlyn Kadlecik, who played 5 seasons for FCVC before starting her college volleyball career at Canadore College, where she is earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Ashlyn led the offense with 434 assists, 164 digs, and was awarded the OCAA and CCAA Athlete of the Week award in November 2017.  She was also selected to the OCAA All-Rookie Team, and was awarded Canadore College's Female Athlete of the Year award.

Congratulations Ashlyn!

FCVC Hall of Fame

A new award has been created to recognize outstanding contribution to FCVC over the more than quarter-century of the club: membership in the FCVC Hall of Fame.

There was no doubt who the first inductee would be, as the founder and driving force behind FCVC - and London volleyball influencer at every level - was recognized for his lifelong dedication to youth and sports: Vaughan Peckham.

With family and friends gathered to celebrate this achievement, various speakers rose to recognize the immeasurable contributions Coach Peck has made over the past 40+ years to volleyball in London, at the high-school, university, and club level.  This award coincides with Vaughan's induction into the OVA Hall of Fame, in the Builder category.

As Vaughan takes a step into retirement from volleyball his influence will continue to be felt through the many former players who carry on in his coaching and volunteering footsteps.

Congratulations, and thanks for everything, Peck!!

OVA Summer High Performance Athletes

As we say good-bye to the indoor season and recognize the award winners, we also want to wish best of luck to those FCVC athletes attending OVA High Performance activities this summer.

Whether competing or coaching for Region 3 at the Ontario Summer Games, to be held this summer in London, or training at the High Performance Centre or Tall Maples Program to extend their individual skills, we wish the best for all these athletes working hard this summer to improve their game.  Go get 'em!

Ontario Summer Games

Andrew Kerkhoff

Kyle Van Nest

Sujai Shah (alternate)

Pete Sum (coach)

High Performance Centre

Jasmine Cooper

Rachel Gray

Ethan Hendriksen

Brendan Mills

Sydney Scatcherd

Ben Sparks

Tall Maples Program

Abby Horvath

Brodan Murphy

Brooklyn Stevens

Jake Thomson