FCVC 2017-2018 Coaching Roster Announced!

Where did the time go?   It's volleyball time again!!

FCVC is proud to reveal its coaching roster for the upcoming 2017-2018 season.   We welcome some new faces to the group and say goodbye to some long-time coaches who are hanging up their whistles.   With tryouts right around the corner, the group is ready to work hard with all our young athletes to make them the best volleyball athletes they can be.

*  First name is Head Coach, subsequent names are Assistant Coaches.


Boys Teams:

  • Boys 13U:  Niki Nikolov, Marissa Steele
  • Boys 14U:  Tom Kerkhoff, Tim Oldham
  • Boys 15U:  Jason McKee, Devin Atkinson
  • Boys 16U:  John Hong, Gavin Young, Bryan Kussner
  • Boys 17U:  Mark Peckham, Travis Wintjes, Jamie Neilson
  • Boys 18U:  Dave Phoenix, Tom Kerkhoff


Girls Teams:

  • Girls 12U, 13U:  Peter Sum, Chuck Chelladurai, Susan Buckman, Jen Van Sas, Steve Simone
  • Girls 14U - Green:  Peter Gauld, Mike Tait
  • Girls 14U - Blue:  Patti Pumputis, Allie Pumputis
  • Girls 15U - Green:  Dean Lowrie, Bonnie Cooper, Nimi Bassi
  • Girls 15U - Blue:  Bob Mann, Rachel Jones
  • Girls 16U - Green:  Stu Pow, Kevin Rowe, Logan Potter
  • Girls 16U - Blue:  Susan Buckman, Chris Monteiro
  • Girls 17U - Green:  Lloyd Rumble, Juan Giraldo, Wayne Thompson, Elena Simpson
  • Girls 17U/18U - Blue:  Corey Crossan, Rob Paas, Justin McCulloch
  • Girls 18U - Green:  Joffre Ribout, Len Caballes, Jamie Leidl


Please visit our Coaches page to see the bios of all our Head Coaches.

It's going to be another great season at FCVC... let's get it started!!