Frequently Asked Questions



What is the length of the season?

The season runs from tryouts in September through to the Provincial Championships in April, with regular OVA tournament play starting in November. Teams may choose to extend their season into May to attend the National Championships. Ryan


How many tournaments do teams play in?

Teams typically compete in 1-2 tournaments per month, from November through March, culminating in the Provincial Championships in April or, potentially, the National Championships in May. All OVA tournaments are all-day weekend events except for the Provincial Championships, which run over three days. Teams may choose to have a heavier or lighter competition schedule. The competition schedule is set by the coach in consultation with the team’s parent groups.

The OVA has added some in-season 2-day Saturday-Sunday tournaments and 1-day Sunday tournaments.  The coach will discuss the competitive schedule with the athletes and parents at the opening season meeting.


How often do FCVC teams practice?

Teams train 2-3 times a week, with sessions running from 90-120 minutes in length. FCVC also provides occasional extra training opportunities with our Sunday Clinic Series, in which our Technical Director and/or other expert guest coaches conduct en masse training on particular subjects.


Where and when do FCVC teams practice?

Teams at FCVC have excellent practice facilities at Fanshawe College and various Secondary and Elementary schools in London, each stocked with all the necessary equipment to ensure an outstanding training environment. Regular team practices are held during the evenings in-week (Monday-Thursday) and Sunday afternoons.


14U? 15U? How do I know what division I'm in?

Just a little bit of math is needed.

We’re going into the 2016-2017 season.  Just take the second of those numbers (2017) and subtract from it your year of birth.  So, if you were born in 2002, you would be 2017 – 2002 = 15U.



Do FCVC teams do any off-court physical training, or classroom work?

Teams may choose to participate in extra off-court physical training, depending on the age group and competitive level of the team. Decisions about physical training will be made by the coaching staff, in consultation with the team’s parent group. Most teams will conduct extra classroom sessions for video review, statistical review, or post-competition team meetings, again depending on the age group and competitive level. Classroom sessions are typically scheduled for immediately before or after regular practice sessions.


Sounds great so far... but how much does it cost to play for FCVC?

FCVC provides an excellent experience for its athletes at an extremely competitive price (2016-2017 season):

  • Modified entry-level Girls 12U (only 1 day per week) : $450
  • Modified entry-level Boys 13U (2 days per week): $550
  • Standard Boys 14U and Girls 13U, 14U teams : $750
  • Standard Boys and Girls 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U teams : $875


What is included with my FCVC registration fee?

The FCVC registration fee covers the following:

  • OVA registration costs
  • All on-court practice costs
    • Girls 12U: 1 in-week practice per week, with occasional Sunday practices
    • 13U, 14U: 2 in-week practices per week, with occasional Sunday practices
    • 15U-18U: 2 in-week practices, 1 Sunday practice per week
  • All costs associated with regular in-age OVA tournaments, excluding athlete travel and hotel costs
    • Girls 12U: 3 tournaments; Provincial Championships
    • Boys 13U: 2 tournaments; Provincial Championships
    • All other teams: 4 tournaments and Provincial Championships
  • All uniform costs
    • Girls 12U: 1 uniform t-shirt, gym shorts, 2 practice shirts, hoodie
    • 13U, 14U: 1 uniform jersey, volleyball shorts, 2 practice shirts, hoodie
    • 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U: 2 uniform jerseys, volleyball shorts, 2 practice shirts, hoodie
  • Any extra Sunday Clinic Sessions with the FCVC Technical Director

The following costs are NOT included in the FCVC registration fee.  Extra fees or team fundraising responsibilities will be required if the team participates in the following:

  • Older-age OVA tournaments and Provincials
  • Other exhibition tournaments
  • National Championships


So... why should I choose FCVC over another club?

We believe that athletes should feel confident and comfortable in their decision to play for FCVC:

  • FCVC is one of only five clubs in Canada – and the only one in Southwestern Ontario – to receive Volleyball Canada Accreditation.
  • For 25 years, FCVC has successfully developed volleyball athletes and teams, winning multiple national and provincial championships, and graduating more than 200 athletes to play at the post-secondary level and beyond.
  • FCVC has a large group of talented, experienced and dedicated volunteer coaches. Combined, our Technical Director, Dean Lowrie, and our coaching staff have well over 250 years of experience, and have coached at the national, provincial, regional, university, college, club, high school and elementary school levels.
  • Athletes at FCVC have access to top-flight training facilities, equipment and technology to help them develop their volleyball skills.
  • Current member of Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team, T.J. Sanders, reflected on his time with FCVC:

    All of the coaches, administration, and anyone that plays a part in FCVC are trained and more than willing to help you become a better player. I am so proud to be an FCVC alumni and am grateful to have had all the amazing coaches and teammates along the way.


What if I think of another question?

If you have any more questions about playing for FCVC, we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact page to reach out to members of FCVC, who would be happy to tell you more about competing for the best youth volleyball club in Canada!