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FCVC graduate T.J. Sanders leads Canadian Men’s Volleyball Team to 2016 Summer Olympic qualification.

FCVC graduate T.J. Sanders led the Canadian Men’s Volleyball team to a berth in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil this summer. This will be the first time since former London volleyball star Al Coulter led Canada into the

T.J. Sanders celebrates crucial point in Canadian Olympic qualifying victory.

T.J. Sanders celebrates crucial point in Canadian Olympic qualifying victory.

1992 Olympics.

The Canadian men qualified in their last possible match, beating China in a 5-set thriller in the FIVB’s World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Tokyo. This match echos another landmark exciting win for the Canadian men over reigning Olympic champions Russia, in the World League in 2013.

Along with T.J. and current FCVC coach, Paul Duerden, several graduates of the FCVC boys volleyball program have gone on to national and international success representing Canada.

Congratulations to the Canadian team and especially to T.J. whose excellent play was singled out by observers:

[Former Canadian captain Charles] Parkinson believes the recent performance of setter T.J. Sanders has been critical to the team’s success.

“Over the last few years, Canada struggled a little bit to find rhythm from the setter position,” said Parkinson. “What [head coach Glenn Hoag] has been able to do with T.J is to establish a consistent style of play with one setter, one quarterback who delivers the ball on a regular basis.

“As [Sanders has] gotten more and more confident, he’s become more consistent in terms of the height, speed and location of the ball, and the players are then able to groove on an approach that’s consistent every time.”

The Men’s Olympic Volleyball tournament runs between August 7-21 at the Marcanazinho in Brazil.

Best of luck to all the members of the team and especially FCVC’s own T.J. Sanders!!! Go, Canada, Go!